Fan Page Domination Review – Stop Trying to Sell and Start to Earn?

Can you earn online without selling? Fan Page Domination solves that major problem by letting you earn while giving away cool stuff on Done-4-You Facebook Fanpages. Find out how you can do the same in less then 2 hours from now.

Creator: Anthony Morrison
Price: $1997 at
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Why Not Selling Rocks!

Do you like selling? Unless you love getting yelled at, being called names you would be ashamed to repeat, getting the phone slammed on or if you do it in person get spit on (yes, it does happen), you don’t. The truth is that selling is the number one reason people like you, and me, are not multimillionaires already.

This is especially true if you already tried different online systems and none of them felt right to you.  That’s exactly how I felt, and when my wife finally said, “you should just give up that online stuff, as this is clearly not for you” I was about to give up. She was right, and after dozens of systems and months of failing I couldn’t deny the truth any longer.  However, despite all this I managed to talk my wife and myself into one more product, the last Hail Mary. the product Fan Page Domination? No, this is not that kind of story. In fact, the product was a total bust, but it did me one of the most valuable lessons in marketing. The product was exactly what is WRONG with internet marketing today. All it tried to do is teach me how to sell services I had no idea about.

It was the internet version of blind leading the blind.  Is this what you really want to do?

That’s when I realized it wasn’t the big brother, the gurus, or some mysterious force trying to hold me back from making money online. It was the endless circle of listening to the wrong people.

So can you really earn without selling?

Most definitely yes, and Fan Page Domination is a great example of that. The problem is that most people are stuck in the outdated mentality that you need to SELL, SELL and SELL to make a buck online.

Which in 2017 is the furthest thing from the truth. We’re simply sick and tired of costly being sold to and it shows. Over 50% people are now using ad blockers, and the rest often complain about ad fatigue. Paid ads and traditional selling is no longer working.

These day people either want everything for free or at least be recommended on thing and not sold.


How FanPage Domination Works

fan page domination review

The basic idea behind Anthony Morrison’s product can be summarized in 3 steps:

  1. Create a Fan Page to go viral
  2. Directs people from your Fan Page to a survey to build a list (which will be handy later)
  3. Give away free stuff and earn instantly.

Sound simple? It is, however there is a specific way to implement all of this to make it work without spending countless hours split-testing or outsourcing it. FP Domination breaks down the process into 4 phases, as well as bonuses, case-studies and more.

Here’s a video of a quick overview as as well as details.

  • PHASE 1: GETTING SETUP – Like the name suggest in this phase you will prepare everything needed to get started. This includes tools, building the foundation, getting your first fan as well as setting up survey, autoresponder and thank you page. You can also use Done-4-You method here
  • PHASE 2: BUILD & GROW – Once that’s done it is time to start posting using specific methods that yield maximum likes, shares, and engagement. Anthony has this down to science.
  • PHASE 3: SCALE & LAUNCH – Next up is the countdown, getting fans hyped and ready, and the launch blueprint that managed to get 95K subscribers for Anthony.
  • PHASE 4: MONETIZE & PROFIT – final phase is all about monetization and future profits. You will learn how use the thank you page to make instant commissions, or redirect visitors to another offer. The Anthony goes into details on how to profit again and again from list you build throughout the phases.

Further FP Domination Training and Bonuses

fan page domination

If you use any of the links (like THIS ONE) on this page to get FP Domination you will also get all the bonuses (including the fast action bonuses) so big shout out for Anthony for letting you get this.

Additional Training Includes:
  • In-Depth email training that teaches advanced email marketing, like list segmentation.
  • Weekly live workshops to keep you up the date with the last trends and changes
  • Case Study of how Anthony generated 232,000 live viewers using a Fan Page
  • Success Connection that connects you with successful entrepreneurs in other markets
  • Student Q&A with the latest answers from Anthony Morrison himself.
The bonuses are:
  • Done -4-You Fan Pages, where you can get a fan page done for you in as little as 38 to 72 hours in wide range of niches.
  • Niche Research where Anthony hands you the top niches that worked for me, and how to get into the properly.
  • Facebook Group where you can connect with likeminded people inside the FP Domination
  • Concierge Program allows you to connect to Anthony Morrison directly. This means you will get his private connect information to email him when you need something.
  • Fan Explosion Software that will allow you to double or even triple your Fan Page likes based on the posts people like.

The Setup for Success you can see above, Anthony included everything you need to start a successful Fan Page Business from scratch. Which includes everything from building your first fanpage, even if you never build one before, and getting your first fan to monetizing it and earning 5 or 6 figures per month from it. This means no more guest work or need to buy additional products or services. It is an all-inclusive system and you don’t even have to leave Facebook to make money with it.

However, there is one thing that I discovered which no one seems to talk about. It is the ability to double or even triple your views and in results fans using search engine traffic. Not only that but being on top of Google, Bing or Yahoo gives you instant authority and trust boost to legitimize your business.

Fan Page Domination Bonus: Done for You Traffic

This has worked so well for me I decided to include it as a bonus if you get FanPage Domination using any of the links on this page. So what do you get with my bonus?

Let’s say you wanted to do something similar to what Anthony did with Destin, FL vacation. However, instead of Destin let’s use Panama City Beach. With my bonus, you would be able to show up in search engine for keywords related to Vacation in Panama City Beach like:

  • Free Panama City Beach vacation
  • Win Panama City Beach vacation
  • Panama City Beach Give vacation giveaway
  • Free Hotels in Panama City Beach
  • Stay for free in Panama City Beach
  • And tons of other similar phrases

Which is additional thousands of visitors per month to you FanPage, Survey, Contest or even Site free.

So what are you waiting for?

The combination of FP Domination and my bonus will blow anything out of the water. I know, I used it myself and results are amazing. Best part? You can earn 6 figures and still feel great about what you are doing. You don’t need to sell your soul or have problems sleeping at night because of what you do.

After all, you are earning while giving away free stuff and prizes. Just picture what 6 figures can do for you and your loved ones? Don’t pass an opportunity like this.

With that said, for anyone that get Fan Page Domination using the link below before April 20th, I’ll triple my bonus and rank 3 of your Fan Page Business absolutely free.

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